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We also produce customised feed rollers according to your specific needs.

So, if any existing solution does not meet your requirements, you are just a few clicks away from having it!

Contact our Custom Shop team for any kind of modification needed to your feed rollers and let’s do it!

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    About us


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      Balmec product range includes feed rollers, delimbing knives, roller arms, hydraulic cylinders, crane racks, measuring wheels and many more parts.

      We produce spare parts for all of the most common types of harvester heads in the world (John Deere, Ponsse, Komatsu, Waratah, Rottne, Log Max, Kesla, etc).

      In our products the best materials are combined with modern technology.

      Balmec also produces customized harvester head parts like feed rollers, delimbing knives, measuring wheels etc. according to your specific needs. Custom order
      • 2007

        Company called Metsavennad Grupp gets registered. It’s aim is to offer forestry machine operator services and most basic assistance for harvesters. For an example: chain sharpening, hose service, repair weldings etc.

        One of the founders of Metsavennad Grupp and later Balmec, Siim Soomägi.
      • 2008

        First feed rollers are produced. Fortunately we got those back from our good customer after (about) 13 000 working hours. We managed to make the deal when he came back to get a new pair for his machine.

        Export sales starts to Poland and Sweden as first official reseller agreements are made with Saltus Serwis S.C. and Stigs Maskin AB.

        The very first feed rollers ever made - this is how they look after 13 000 working hours.
      • 2010

        Balmec Forest OÜ and Trade Mark Balmec are registered.

        Export sales are made to Latvia and Lithuania.

      • 2011

        Very first delimbing knife is ready! It is made for 758 HD harvester head.

        John Deere Forestry starts to sell all of our products through its retail network across Europe. Plus, export starts to Russia.

      • 2014

        Balmec buys a part of peat producing factory founded in 1938. Production is moved from two rental locations to Tootsi.

        Export expands from Europe and Russia to Brazil and Australia.

      • 2015

        Due to continuous investments in modern CNC-machinery, new product lines are introduced: roller arms, measuring wheels, chain catchers and more.

      • 2018

        Balmec produces feed roller number 10 000 which is for Log Max 6000 harvester head. The roller was sold to Canada few weeks later


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